Founded in 1995, our team consists of a Senior Partner, 3 Partners, 4 Associates and 2 secretaries.

Studio Legale Fiumanò & Partners is a leader in offering top-notch legal services to clients throughout Italy and around the world.

We represent businesses as well as individuals, and perform work in a cost-effective and timely manner by providing a vast array of services in nearly every field of law.


The firm boasts the latest management systems and, by utilizing cutting-edge technology, it ensures immediacy of performance and continuous information on the state of the legal files.

We will always commit ourselves in establishing a direct contact with all our clients, while providing the assistance, talent and devotion typically associated with a larger-sized firm. We see ourselves as problem solvers: drawing up the best solutions possible is our mission. We make our clients’ priorities ours.

Carlo Fiumanò
Simona Bilardi
Emanuela Valentini
Maria Teresa Rennis
Luca Lucchesi
Chiara Barbera
Elvira Pagano
Francesco Fiumanò
Giulia Peli
Susanna Coraggio
Benedetta Michelotti
Benedetta Michelotti