Transport Law

The firm has a multi-year expertise in transport matters, which allows us to provide clients with sophisticated and forward thinking advice on these issues, whether they involve carriers or other entities of the logistic chain. We pride ourselves on being one of the Italian law firms specialized in this ever-growing field of law, and we have already achieved great results in the protection of our clients’ interests. When it comes to road transport, according to article 83-bis of the Italian Law Decree n. 112/2008, a discipline of minimum costs for trucking services has recently entered into force in the country. This has led many carriers, over the last few years, to vindicate a surcharge on the price initially agreed in the contract for transport services. Our professionals are well aware of this legislation and their excellent work has led the Court of Lucca, in a proceeding involving one of our clients, to share the arguments raised by our lawyers and put the question of constitutionality of article 83-bis before the Italian Constitutional Court.